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Interview on the Radio Poranek “Siódma9”

“When painting porters, I look for something deeper in a person, their personality. This painting is very intuitive. It is not about imitating an ideal similarity or idealization which is quite common in portraits. It is all about finding something deeper in person, their personality, such details that are not really noticed every day” said Iwona Golor, a portraitist and author of the project “Saving Face” in the morning audition of “Siódma9”.

During the interview with Piotr Otrębski she talked about creating portraits.

“The process is as following: I get to know all these people, we talk, I try to feel what kind of people they are. Of course after a short conversation I am not able to list their specific character traits, but I can somehow feel them. During the conversation I take a series of photos, because the camera can catch this moment of a grimace, face detail, reflect the way of looking. If the portrayed person only poses, face is simply stiff. (…) For me it is important to catch a certain transience of facial expressions. Then, I make a whole series of sketches in which I try to catch the portrayed person, their character. Later, I transfer them into canvas, which is based on completely different rules” – said the artist.