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18 paintings purchased by the Museum in Tarnowskie Góry

2020 ended very successfully – the Museum in Tarnowskie Góry purchased 18 of my works, and in addition, many other works of 28 artists went to the Museum in Tarnowskie Góry! What can I say – bravo Tarnowskie Góry for such a great attitude! Below 12 of my paintings, which the Museum has purchased, and the remaining 6 are still an unpublished surprise, being part of the project I am currently working together with the wonderful Teodor Segiet – the greatest Polish collector of naive and art brut with Anna Segiet. There is a huge undertaking ahead for which I am equally happy! If 2021 does not bring us any other disease surprises and everything goes well- an exhibition will take place this year! More about the project soon

The photo of the director of the Museum in Tarnowskie Góry, Mrs. Beata Kiszel and collector of naive art and art brut Teodor Segiet.