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REPORT FROM THE EVENT – “Among Wild Cacti” – Pan Ba’s Live Concert with a Meeting with Iwona Golor at the SPOT/W Gallery on July 15th at 3:00 PM

So many wonderful people who wanted to meet with us despite the heat, a July Saturday, and no vernissage! You guys are awesome!! Some even arrived after the event ended, catching us on our way to the car. And that beautiful premiere live of Alka Pan Ba songs, created during our shared journey to the Dominican Republic – it was so moving! For those who couldn’t make it, we shared our Dominican stories, a Caribbean lottery with a prize of a mazak from the Macao area, lots of rum, hanging ripe bananas, and exotic passion fruit pralines! But above all, there was an unforgettable atmosphere that will uplift me for a long time to come! THANK YOU! The exhibition can be viewed until 02.09 at the SPOT W gallery.