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Exhibition titled “Interiors” at MBWA Leszno on 09.02 at 6:00 PM.

Welcome to the exhibition titled “Interiors” featuring the fantastic painter Julia Platt at MBWA Leszno on 09.02 at 6:00 PM!

A tale – a discreet stream that captivates physicality in internal movement and tension. It does not need to be fully expressed; it remains open, demanding to be read attentively in fragments like a peculiar atavistic primal language, reconstructed by the observer in their own way, composed of elements from their own world. Realism is the recording of the “story” through subtle means: theme, light, color, texture, stroke, temperature, composition, but it is still the essence, its encoding in the image results from the conscious or subconscious intention of the creator, beyond the precise recording of matter, its literal representation.

Iwona Golor and Julia Platt arrived at realism through different paths, exploring and delving into different areas. Each skillfully enchants her own world, with the former seeking the living presence beyond the human “facade,” and the latter often exploring absences and the marked interiors. A common denominator for both is an almost involuntary voyeuristic observation of stories and events without interfering with them.