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Inspired by the genious of Witkacy, I decided to open my own portrait company named Firma Portretowa Iwony Golor (Iwona Golor’s Portrait Company) which gained its legal status on 3 January 2019. I make big portrait projects and I also create portraits for individual customer’s order. I had a pleasure of painting well-known people (including Jurek Owsiak, Jerzy and Maciej Stuhr, Grzegorz Turnau, Andrzej Seweryn, Szymon Majewski, etc.) as well as people whom we can meet every day in front of the Friary of the Capuchin Friars Minor, waiting in line for soup. I present people as I see them, trying to express the character of the portrayed, often exaggerating some of the features or grimaces that I observe but my portraits are not caricatures and my intention is never offensive.

Creating a portrait includes following steps: we meet for a conversation, during which me and Alek Baszun (whom has been my company in all my projects from the very beginning) take pictures which I use for drawings and later, basing on my sketches, observations and impressions, I create an oil portrait on canvas in my own painting style. As soon as the painting is finished, the client accepts it or not (this possibility also exists;) but then the advance payment, which is made before the start of work (material costs) is lost and the painting remains in my collection.

Each portrait is accompanied by a certificate of originality printed in the form of a small book A5. In addition to the purchase of the ordered portrait, it is also possible to buy drawings (framed), which are created specially for the ordered painting.


30x40cm – 3000 zł
40x50cm- 3500 zł
50x60cm- 4000 zł
60x70cm- 4500 zł
70x100cm- 5000 zł

tel. 570730822

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