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A series of greek landscapes which I was created during the secret wedding trip with my beloved husband <3
Oil landscape always has been for me a topic which I painted only from nature. Due to certain technical limitations of painting in nature, the paintings were created on smaller canvases. Since instead of canvas and paints I can take the iPad outdoors, everything has changed- my looking and also my painterly style. The first digital sketches are created outdoors, which later I translate in my studio on bigger canvas in oli technique. However, I am not the first person to translate digital sketches in oil.
This step was inspired by the brilliant Hockney! The tablet is a tool in which there are no barriers and limitations, you can get any color tension, any color glow, any light, line or stain, all thanks to combining various techniques that could not actually work together. From that moment I search and experiment- fantastic technological fun. These landscapes are for me a breath of freshness, new fascinations and explorations in painting.