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“Lullaby at night” – “Music from the Planet”. A mini music and painting fairy tale by Alek Baszun and Iwona Golor’s Portrait Company

What do modern children dream about?
About what our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and us dreamed about – usually about traveling and super interesting adventures.
Dreams can motivate us to act, they comfort us when we are sad and help us find an idea for ourselves, so let’s be brave in them!
As a child, I dreamed of exotic travels, then when I grew up a bit to become a painter.
My husband Alek dreamed of magical powers and creating his own music.
And so, together with joint forces and magical powers, although this road at one time raises and raises up to the sky, and on another heavy and bumpy, we do what we dreamed of and I am very happy about it!
Together with Alek Golor-Baszun, we have created a mini music fairy tale with a plot about a boy and his dreams, about bears and the moon hehe

Music, text, animation, directed by Alek Baszun
Digital painting – Iwona Golor