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Individual exhibition of Iwona Golor’s paintings from the collection of Jurek Owsiak in the ToTuart gallery in Koneser on Praga.

Jurek Owsiak, thank you for this beautiful initiative !!!!!
My individual exhibition of paintings from Jurek’s collection in the Totuart gallery in Koneser on Praga !!
This is by far the most beautiful exhibition I have had so far! And especially because it was the first time that a cross-section of my paintings from different years was exhibited (the oldest from 2017, painted shortly after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts) and for me it is fascinating to be able to see the painting path that I have traveled over the years!
For the first time, large-format two-meter portraits are also presented to the public, of course, the sensational space of the Totuart gallery, the same one that publishes an excellent artistic daily, also plays a colossal role here! And, of course, the selection and composition of the exhibition, which, as far as I know, is mainly due to Jurek himself!
It also turns out that my landscapes can be at least two-sided! At the exhibition, Jurek intentionally hung two paintings upside down and they work! Hahaha I wonder if you can guess which images are
The dish will be displayed until the end of August, and if any of you would like me to see you personally after the exhibition, please write to me, because I am delighted to do so, and behind all the pictures there are very interesting stories, stories of people, places and the process of creation
Once again, Jurek, thank you very much !! You are a giant !!
Ps. Be sure to watch the movie with sound !! Because its text and atmosphere fit the picture like no other !! The song is written by my great husband, Alek Golor-Baszun, and published by accident before its premiere ha!